How to Build a Basic Income in 2022 Using Swift Demand

Steven L. Miller
2 min readDec 30, 2020


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An Experiment to Give Users 100 Credits Daily to Buy Free Products From Qualified Partners

Each user who signs up for SwiftDemand receives 100 Swifts daily. A temporary referral system is in place giving early users the opportunity to earn additional Swifts by recommending SwiftDemand to others.

Once the 5 million user milestone is reached. Additional Swifts will only be created as time elapses.

No additional Swifts can be created with deployment of time or other resources once the threshold is reached.

Swift Demand functions according to the following principles:

1) Everyone is Equal. All users are provided the same amount of Swifts at the same pace

2) Simple Transactions. Type in a Swift ID and send your Swifts on their way

3) Low Transaction Fee. Transactions are charged 2 Swift + 3% of the transactions value as a fee.

4) One Account per person

5) Income distributed daily. Everyone receives 100 Swifts per day

The amount of Swifts generated will slowly reduce over time until the cap of 100 billion Swifts is reached. Further increases will be set to a healthy inflation rate in line with the concept of basic income.

Users must check in weekly to claim their daily allocations of Swifts. Requiring users to periodically claim swifts encourages ongoing engagement with the platform.

Check out SwiftDemand* to sign up for and receive Swifts.

Future Developments Include:

  • Transition from digital currency to cryptocurrency
  • Development of Wallet
  • Exchange Listing
  • Chargeback capability
  • The ability for Vendors to accept Swifts as payment for goods and services
  • Cross-Region Swifts to account for differences in what qualifies as a basic income throughout different parts of the world

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